Nicolas Losev

Nicolas Losev is a paladin of Erastil and the Head of House Losev. He rules the realm of Riverhaven, along with his wife Kseniya Losev.

Nicolas was raised by his granduncle after his Mother died in a bandit attack and father went missing when he was 6. His granduncle told him tales of the old times when House Losev lived in the Stolen Lands and used to have a seat. He also taught Nicolas the skill of archery. Nicolas was a natural with bow in his hand and he amazed many adults with his archery skill at a very young age. His granduncle died when he was 14 and at his funeral Nicolas was taken under the wing of old friend of his father a paladin of Erastil.

He took Nicolas with him to a small town in River Kingdoms. He taught Nicolas the way of the paladin and Erastil which Nicolas took into his heart. They lived near the town in a cabin in the woods from where they defended the locals from bandits and monsters. At the age of 23 Nicolas decided he needs a place of his own and he remembered the tales of his granduncle of the fort in which his ancestors lived in the Stolen Lands. He said farewell to his mentor and townsfolk.

He travelled to Brevoy to the city of Restov where he enlisted to the Church of Erastil where he got a place as a paladin. He started to study history of the stolen lands, nobility and religion. After 4 years of studying and gathering documents, he found out about a charter that was sending a group to Stolen Lands. He knew that he had to act now if he wanted to to claim the lands of his ancestors to the House Losev. He took the the documents he needed and wrote his name to the charter and left to the stolen lands.

Nicolas Losev

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