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Kingmaker 2014: The Realm Sheet for Riverhaven

coat_of_arms.png Realm overview:
The stats have been moved to their own page:
Realm stats
Temporary master list of buildings (includes locations)
Stats (Discontinued/Work in progress)

coat_of_arms.png Titles:
Ruler: Kseniya Losev kseniyaportrait.png
Ruler: Nicolas LosevPaladin_archer.jpg
Heirs: Yanastasiya Losev, Alexei Losev baby-boy-painting-Paul-portrait-2_square_thumb.jpg (NPCs)
Marshal: Kesten Garess Kesten_Garess.jpg (NPC)
Warden: Ceyleen Poison_Ivy_0011.jpg
General: Grotis eecb6659e7ece79cd50490eb80da5b46.jpg
Magister: Kobi Wan Loboyko-Kobold-Jiro-Mascot.jpg
Grand Diplomat: Devlin Sharpe10333935-3d-rendering-of-a-nobleman-in-welcome-pose-as-an-illustration.jpg
Enforcer: Akiros Ismort (NPC) Akiros_Ismort.jpg
Councilor: Svetlana (NPC) PZO9031-Wife.jpg
Treasurer: Oleg (NPC) PZO9031-SternFarmer.jpg
Spymaster: Falchos the Satyr (NPC) Falchos.jpg
High Priest: Jhod Kavken (NPC) Jhod_Kavken.jpg
Mining outpost leader: Morgrym Agadum dworf.jpg
coat_of_arms.png Edicts:
Promotion edict: Token promotion
Expansion edict: Standard expansion
Holiday edict: Quarterly holidays
Taxation edict: Light taxes

coat_of_arms.png Realm building rules:
Buildings list (requires line breaks, but readable) (contains terrain improvement rules as well)

coat_of_arms.png Settlements:
Sootscale Caverns
Temple of the Elk
Boggard Village
Building plans

coat_of_arms.png Loot and Items:
The Stash
Trophy collection

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